As I introduce stocks as investing ideas I will add them to the SmarterSquirrel Mock Portfolio to see how they perform over time. These are not recommendations to buy, rather it is meant to facilitate learning and discussion about stocks. Some of the stocks discussed may plummet in value to such a point that they become delisted and any money invested in them is lost forever. Others may grow at, below or above the average market rate. Please do your own due diligence and seek professional investing advice before making any investment decisions. I have no expertise in giving financial advice or in providing investment advice. 

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I am splitting the portfolio into different categories so we can see how different approaches perform and so you can have more clarity on which approach may work better for you. The categories for the portfolios are ETFs, Growth Stocks, Dividend Stocks and Speculative Stocks.

*These are all mock portfolios. No real money is involved and no actual investments have been made by SmarterSquirrel. Amounts shown here are for educational and informational purposes only.

VGRO.TO - This ETF is an all market equity and bond ETF with represenation from companies and governments across the globe. If you are looking to simplify your investing ETFs like this one may be helpful.
SHAK - This stock has seen more attention from Wall Street and the stock has risen as it has been able to show some positive signs of same store sales growth as it continues to grow the number of locations. It may be quite over valued at the current price and any bad news could send this stock back down. If it can continue the successful path it has been on then over many years this stock should do nicely as it grows globally.
BIP-UN.TO - The mock portfolio would have received three dividend payments so far from Brookfield. The original dividend was $0.435 USD and was then increased by 8% to $0.47 USD for the next two dividend payments. Over time the portfolio will benefit from rising dividends, which is why it is good to find dividend growers. 
Lithium - Thus far the SPECULATIVE PORTFOLIO is comprised entirely of lithium stocks. Since adding lithium stocks, the market has dropped the valuation of many lithium stocks. Part of the reason is reports in the market that lithium supply will outstrip demand in the short term, the problems at TESLA which are weakening the belief that electric cars have an impressive future ahead, and perhaps a market view that gains are too far in the future to reward stocks today. Despite this decline, for my own lithium stock holdings in my personal account, I continue to hold. Given where I believe the future is going, I think lithium stocks will do well in the future.

Remember I am not an investing professional, and these portfolios are not meant as recommendations but rather as a learning tool to help you better understand investing. Please speak with a professional advisor before making any investment decisions or do your own due diligence before investing.

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